We're moving into a new place at the end of May and have been agonising over what ISP to sign up to. We've all seen the many many pages on Xnet and its international issues. My parents use Ihug and over the weekend speeds were unbearable.

Anyways, I live in Mt. Eden, Auckland and see that Orcon are currently installing their equipment in our local exchange, due to complete sometime in May.

To allow Orcon time to get their gear in, I was thinking of getting Xnet for a month or so and try it out to see what the speeds are really like for my area. I'm really keen on the Xnet package, and esp the Fusion and the VFX.

What I'm really interested in is the phone situation. If i get VFX but then change to Orcon, presumably I can still use the VFX if I want to (and pay the monthly $10 or so for it). Would that work? I'm not a 100% clear on how Orcon works, I know that you get Internet and Phone with their Orcon @ Home package and ADSL2+, but can i just get the internet nad not the phone - for the same price?

any comments and/or helpful suggestions much appreciated.