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#21992 13-May-2008 00:10
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Just want to know which one is betterLaughing
Dynalink vs linksys vs dlink vs netgear

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  #130444 13-May-2008 01:12
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My personal policy is 'never touch any network gear that has a name beginning with 'D' :)

I've seen a lot of problems with the Dlink and Dynalink DSL modems, they often cause connection stability or performance issues or are just plain dodgy.

On the other hand, I recently replaced my excellent Alcatel Speed Touch Pro (which used to rate very highly for relative DSL performance) with a Linksys AM300. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Linksys sync'd at a megabit higher than the Alcatel! All in all the Linksys has generally given me a very stable, speedy and trouble free connection!

This trend has also been echoed with numerous installs at client sites and with friends / family.  One guy my brother put an AM300 in for, as a replacement for a Dlink, went from a 900kbit/sec sync speed to 6mbit!!!!  (That must have been one real dodgy DLink!!)


You will find anything you want at MightyApe (affiliate link).
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  #130446 13-May-2008 02:15
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Network engineering types tend to like Linksys for some reason - I'm not a network engineer, nor do I hang out with any, so I don't know the reasons for their perference. However, the first Dynalink ADSL modem (ALE800) I had was very good and the Dynalink Wifi ADSL2+ modem/router (RTA1025W) I have now was rated #1 by Australian PC a few years back. And, I've had no problems with it what so ever.

kind regards

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  #130485 13-May-2008 09:07
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I am a technician and have had ample time with all these brands. Linksys is the home division of cisco, however the linksys name has recently been disolved except in australsia where its quite popular. We used to deal soley in linksys gear until all our units started comming back to us with faulty network ports (just about every single unit has died since, these were older model linksys routers so cant comment on there new models).
Dlink gear isnt actually that bad, i hated it for the longest time but it is fairly reliable kit, it is prone to drop your speed back for stability purposes however.
I wouldnt go near netgear myself, horible horible firmware, and the amount of troubles i had in the past joining a netgear router to an access point put me right off! 3com is a brand you should be looking at, we sell a wireless adsl2+ router for $189, good firmware, awesome firewall features / url blocking etc.  ive personally put in 70+ of these and had problems with only 1, which was a faulty power adapter that never worked from day 1, 2 years on and not 1 has come back, a lot more than i can say for the linksys kit of old!

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  #130501 13-May-2008 10:03
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Had a lot of grief with Dlinks myself .. currently running a Netgear DG834N and it is so much more stable than what it replaced it's a laugh ... I wouldn;t say it was perfect as my PS3 had trouble getting onto the internet via wireless from it (had to put the PS3 in the DMZ in the end), but not sure if that is a PS3 problem or a router problem.

Linksys I used to use, wasn't bad at all really .. was a while ago mind.


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  #130625 13-May-2008 17:00
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About Dynalink - The RTA1025w is a great all in one router, i've found its incredibly stable. Runs for months on end if you want it to.
Theres an incredibly long appreciation thread for it on Whirlpool AU (broadband forums) and many people on gameplanet also recommend it.
@SamF - Maybe you got a dud, what model and how long ago?

Also the Linksys WRT54GL is apparently a great router, but has no built in modem. However custom open source firmware seems to outweigh this.

DLink - seem to be total crap compared to the alternatives, at least with the 'default isp lineup' anyway.

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  #130667 13-May-2008 18:48
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I am currently using a Netgear DG834G v3 works very, never had any problems with it, easy to set up, never has disconnected from the internet (unless I told it to), Port forwarding works like a dream. (oh I forgot to mention that I bought it second hand and in the summer the router/modem decides to stop working some times)

I am planning on getting a Linksys router/modem (maybe just the modem) as I have heard that they get a better sync rate = faster speeds :) and I have read in other places that they are really good routers too.

Before I got the Netgear I had a D-Link (*shudders at the thought!*) and at first it worked fine, for about a week then it kept loosing the connection to the internet, (up to 30-40 reconnects!) then I tried to upgrade the firmware, which failed and i nearly ended up with a dead router/modem, then by working on it well into the early hours of the morning I got it going again. Oh and port forwarding does NOT work at all on it. :(

and before the D-Link we had this one that our ISP gave, but it made this awful squeak  (I think it was a Siemens one but I really can't remember) but the router/modem it self was pretty ok, just the squeak i couldn't sleep properly with.

and before that I had dial up Smile

All in all I recommend a Linksys.

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  #131326 16-May-2008 19:59
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First modem I bought was a Dynalink, do not have fond memories of this, will not buy again.

For last year or two have perservered with a D- Link DSL504G, it is  nothing but a pain in the arse. Kept losing connection and would not re-connect without turning off at the wall and turning on again.

Belkin G+ Mimo Router OK, but wireless not too good.

Just purchased a Linksys WAG200G - bloody brilliant ! Took approx 15 minutes to get computers and laptops all networked, setup is pretty much child's play. Wireless range is twice as good as D-Link / Belkin, and speed seems much faster and certainly more reliable - haven't had to re-start at all so far ! Excellent value for only $150.00 ( affordable computer )

I have never used Netgear so can't comment.

Anyway, my vote is for Linksys ! Smile

Good luck.

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  #131338 16-May-2008 21:10
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Netgear DG834G (TI chipset same as Dlink) sync 7.5 mbps, Linksys AM300 9.8 Mbps, WAG325N (broadcom chipset) sync at nearly 12 Mbps) - see signature.

Spark Max Fibre using Mikrotik CCR1009-8G-1S-1S+, CRS125-24G-1S, Unifi UAP, U6-Pro, UAP-AC-M-Pro, Apple TV 4K (2022), Apple TV 4K (2017), iPad Air 1st gen, iPad Air 4th gen, iPhone 13, SkyNZ3151 (the white box). If it doesn't move then it's data cabled.

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  #131345 16-May-2008 21:29
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I had Dlink Router ..and It was terrible.. very often I had to reboot the router.
When I swtiched to orcon's naked DSL, it didn't work.. so I ended up bying a linksys router from PBtech for $133.. so far good. Linksys is from Cisco.. must be good.


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  #131346 16-May-2008 21:30
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Looks like I'm going to be buying a "Linksys WAG325N" very very soon then!!

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  #131352 16-May-2008 22:41
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First modem I bought was a Dynalink, do not have fond memories of this, will not buy again.

Interested in what model this is, and how long ago?

For some reason 2 people have had issues which is wierd since the 1025w is pretty highly recommended
The 1320 works good as a half bridge modem too.

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Master Geek

  #131451 17-May-2008 15:58
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I've had 2 D-links, 302G and 502T, both drop my line constantly, got a really old 'webexcel' (conexant) off trademe, perfect but horribly limited (old) firmware, upgraded to Dynalink RTA230 which is my favourite

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  #131526 17-May-2008 21:33
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TechnoGuy001: Looks like I'm going to be buying a "Linksys WAG325N" very very soon then!!

I bought a WAG325N 3+ months ago.
1) to upgrade to ADSL 2+
2) hoping the boss might eventually let me have an "N" laptop (in the meantime 54g, 3COM 3crpag175b AES).
[10Aug08: my "future-proofing" was not successful. I now have a Dell Vostro 1200 w. Intel(R) WiFi Link 4965AGN - the WAG325N will connect very rarely, and then only momentarily, at any (11n) speed above 54Mbps. It turns out that the the 4965AGN needs the 11a (5GHz) bands to use 40MHz channels at up to 270-300Mbps ("friendly neighbour assurance"); around here there are quite a few 11g networks which maybe are inhibiting even the 11n (20MHz channels) speeds up to 130-144Mbps.]

Has been going well, Telecom FS/FS. 1.4km from the exchange as the wire lies (most of the cables at least 40 years old - remarkable really).
I have seen this problem WAG325N Ethernet port locked to 10mbit
but once only maybe because my modem is given a rest period/re-boot every morning. (IP address depends on your local setup):

--- System Information ---
Vendor: Linksys
ModelName: WAG325N
Firmware Version: A1.00.12 , 2008-01-25
Boot Version: 1.0.37-5.4
Hardware Version: 0.01
--- DSL Information ---
DSL Driver Version:  AnnexA version - A2pB022g.d20e
DSL VPI/VCI:         0/100
DSL Status:          ShowtimeRetrain Reason:         0
DSL Mode:            ADSL2+
DSL Channel:         FAST
DSL Upstream Rate:   945 Kbps
DSL Downstream Rate: 13151 Kbps
                                           Down         up
DSL Noise Margin:      12.1 dB      16.4 dB
DSL Attenuation:          28.5 dB      13.3 dB
DSL Transmit Power: 19.2 dBm   12.4 dBm

A careful adjustment of the default settings was useful eg don't need wide channel.
The WAG325N does not have "IP address reservation", so one cannot permanently tie a particular MAC address to a particular IP address. Sometimes after a WXP SP3
standby/hibernate the wireless card would apparently obtain an APIPA IP address, instead of obtaining a DHCP IP address for the Office LAN from the WAG325N
(I use the 3Com client for the wireless card, not XP's WZC service) so I would have used IP address reservation had it been available. However setting a fixed
IP address for the Office LAN connection in the 3Com wireless client seems to have eliminated the problem.

See also:

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  #131529 17-May-2008 21:44
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Looks like I will be getting it then.

Just to confirm, there will still be speed improvements even if I'm not on ADSL 2+ ?
Im guessing there will be but just to be sure i thought i'd ask.


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  #131601 18-May-2008 15:03
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Some people say D-link 502T is crap, but i have no problem at all with D-link 502T.
it works perfectly fine with my Belkin wireless router.
Dlink + Belkin = perfect mach

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