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The Commerce Commission has today released the first in a series of infographics aimed at helping consumers navigate the often complex world of telecommunications.

The infographic is called “How do I choose my broadband?” and encourages consumers to think about how their household uses the internet before deciding how much data and what speed they might need from their plan. It also breaks down the different technologies available and encourages consumers to visit www.broadbandmap.nz to see what technology is available in their area.

“The retail telecommunications sector generates a high level of complaints from consumers and is a priority area for us across both our consumer and regulation work,” Telecommunications Commissioner DrStephen Gale said.

“The initial focus for these infographics is to provide consumers with plain English information to help them make informed purchasing decisions.”

Future infographics will provide more information including how consumers can test and improve their broadband speed and performance, and what avenues are available to them to resolve issues.

A copy of the infographic (PDF DOWNLOAD) can found be on the Commission’s website.