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What’s changing


From October, we’ll follow a new process when installing fibre in shared driveways and multi-dwelling units. First, we’ll assess what needs to be done in the driveway or building to deliver fibre. We’ll then allocate the work into one of three categories and follow the process set out in the Telecommunications Act for the relevant tier.



  1. Simple low impact work e.g. fibre buried in grass or soil will require 5 days’ minimum notice, with no right of objection.
  2. Medium impact work e.g. fibre surface mounted on fencing will require 15 days’ minimum notice, with right of objection on defined grounds. 
  3. High impact work e.g. trench in concrete driveway will require the same written consent as today.











Exciting to see the changes finally come afoot for Chorus, Hopefully LFC's follow suit.