A chorus guy was recently spotted walking around the area at Glinks Gully (West Coast out from Dargaville) with a clipboard making notes etc...  I'm interested to know the purpose for this?  Glinks Gully currently has issues with insufficient lines and waiting lists etc..., and to top things off its a complete black spot on all mobile networks.   So i'm assuming it might be related to the lines issue - i'm hoping Chorus might be looking to upgrade all the infrastructure in the area, possibly someone from Chorus could comment?  Glinks as far as I know has a 50 pair overhead feeder coming down the road from the top of the hill - approx 1km, this then branches out in and around all the houses/baches of which there is 70+.  Over half the pairs in the feeder are corroded and unusable, which leaves around 25 usable pairs - apparently from what i've been told.  So Chorus has been using 1+1 pair gain to deliver multiple pots services over the same pair, and only a very select few have ADSL2+ as it wont work on pair gain lines.