I have been using Woosh phone for over a week now and am rather impressed...

After some initial issues which turned out to be faulty hardware It has worked flawlessly.
I did have some fears about breaking up and speech garbling due to poor latency but this is not been a problem, the speech might miss a tiny segment but only on rare occasions,

However, please read the findings below to ensure it will suit you and don't rely on it for a Mission critical call, Always have a charged mobile handy for emergencies, IE 111 calls. Your number range choices are 09 940 XXXX (XXXX is your choice though they are getting snapped fast!)


The good
FREE local calls and same rental for all customers, Home or business.
Voice quality is very good, on par with 021 GSM and 027 QCELP and far better than 027 EVRC.
Calls within NZ (landlines) and to landlines in 35 countries are just 10c anytime.
The Hardware box has a very loud output which is suitable for even the quietest phones.
Voicemail is FREE
Caller ID is FREE
Call diversions are FREE
FREE calls nationwide to all other Woosh phone users
Roaming all over Auckland with no more number changes!!
Unit operates off 12v (modem of 5v) possibly suiting it to in-car/portable applications
It uses your standard landline phone(s) not restricting you to an "IP" phone)
You get a Software phone+headset free of charge (with the Gateway hardware)
Voicemail alerts you by a flashing light. (Telecoms needs you to pick up the phone)
Calls connect quickly
Gateway box supports two phone lines (second number costs $15)
Codec lag is low, probably about 100ms (some IP phones have about 500ms)

The bad
Full minute rounding on all calls (per second after first min would have been nice)
No call caps but for 10c a minute, you really can't complain.
In compatible with FAX's, monitored alarms and analogue Modems
The phone output volume can be too loud, distorting some cordless phones.
No allowance for the customers on the "everyday 10GB, $54.95 plan, they must change to get phone.
The gateway is huge, plasticy and ugly & has an upside down vodafone logo on it.
It's not really that big but judging by the board inside, the could have used their space more wiseley though it's easily ripped apart and rehoused.
Sometimes the servers will go down without warning leaving incoming calls unanswered. (Today, Callers heard: "The number you have tried to reach is restricted") though Woosh told me it was a once-off.

I have now chopped my Landline :-)


Phone Gateway Box

Woosh Modem

Woosh Hardware Setup