Got a release today about TrueNet:

TrueNet, being launched today, is a company dedicated to the accurate measurement and reporting of broadband performance.  TrueNet is a joint venture between open source IT company Catalyst IT and broadband report analysis company Jonette Consulting.

With a comprehensive range of performance measurements, TrueNet plan to offer their customised data analysis to a range of interested parties such as ISPs, public bodies, large content providers and price and performance comparison websites.

Some statistics are already being published – see - to demonstrate the capability of TrueNet’s testing methodology.  Truenet’s approach to home broadband uses a measuring router based in ordinary homes to perform measurement tests.

According to  their How does TrueNet Work page volunteers receive a router to plug into their network and regular test results are sent to their servers. Users have access to their own results and comparative reports (ISP, regional).

At first I thought it would be similar to iSposure, but it seems platform independent. Anyone trying it to report?