Found this press release today:

London, 25th April 2006, Telstra Europe, one of the UK’s leading alternative business telephony and data service providers, announced today the launch of an enhanced range of Business Broadband services across the UK with speeds of up to 8Mbps.

As competition within the UK broadband market continues to intensify, Telstra’s enhanced service offerings - Business Broadband Max and Business Broadband Max Pro - will provide customers with the following benefits:

• Free installation

• High speed connectivity and nationwide coverage

• Competitive pricing plans backed up with 24/7 customer and technical support

• Includes .uk domain name, email and web hosting

• Service Level Agreement including Guaranteed Time to Repair

• Enhanced Care package available

For further information on Telstra’s Business Broadband services go to:

some footnotes:

1 The actual broadband speed attained will depend on the length and quality of the telephone line. Telstra Europe will provide the fastest speed possible up to the maximum quoted speed of the service purchased.

2 Telstra’s Enhanced Care package offers an improved Guaranteed Time to Repair and Service Availability Guarantee for an additional £10.00 per month.

3 Telstra’s Business Broadband Max Pro service costs £59.99 per month and is recommended for office users with 10 or more staff. In comparison with the Business Broadband Max service at £39.99 per month, it provides increased maximum upload speeds and throughput capacity for businesses which have greater bandwidth requirements.

No mention on cap, but the whole website is geared towards business customers, not consumers...