Hi guys:

This is just a call for anyone in NZ wanting to help me out, I am after Wireless Routers to spread over Christchurch, if you have Wireless Routers that are not in use and sitting around, and wish to donate them to me please DM me here on Geekzone or visit http://wireless.murfy.co.nz for more info about this project. I am after any wireless router but most importantly after routers that can run the Tomizone Firmware. 

If you are from Christchurch, and have a spare router + want to help out. I ask you to visit http://wireless.murfy.co.nz and follow the directions, please make sure you follow the link to the form so I can put your Access Point on the map for others to see.

The whole reason behind this is Mobile Networks are being jammed with mobile traffic, if we can decrease traffic on these mobile networks then it leaves room for other more important communication. Also the goal for this too is to give people the chance to get online and talk to loved ones (there is quite a bit of the city without power still + without broadband) - The last thing I want to see is people relying on Mobile Networks to get online, since this puts more strain on things.

Please share this out, comment on ways I can improve, and get those routers online! I would love to see this project succeed here in Christchurch so it can get to helping others in need of getting online.

I don't have a computer at the moment (only my work computer) due to it being away being serviced, I don't see it coming back anytime soon. I am also looking for a Laptop somebody can lend me / donate me. It doesn't have to be flash but I would be needing one with a reasonable battery in it so I can take it out in the field. If you have added your wireless network to the list I will do the best I can to get it onto the map, but with no laptop at home this can make things a bit slower.

Cheers guys!