I have a Linksys WAG310G (probably parallel import) and I have the broadband from Telecom.
The DSL link comes immediately but the internet connection doesn't come up, it sits on status: "Connecting".
I tried various settings without success. 

It initially came with firmware version: 1.00.02(080925-1153)-AU

I've tried to update it with the firmware from this address:

I used: WAG310Gv1-AU-1.00.02(081010-1628).img and WAG310Gv1-1.00.03(100701-1727).img but the same issue occurs.

In the status window I have:

Hardware Version:

Software Version:


Any other things I can try? Googling I found a lot of people with issues and most of them resolved them with firmware upgrades but this doesn't seem to be the case for me. Or should I try a specific firmware version as I see there are quite a few there?
I'm a bit reticent in trying too many as this is a recipe for a brick :)