Hi guys, I need some advice/suggestions.

I'm currently with Telecom, i'm using the "Total Home Lite Pro Double Data Usage" and I pay about $130/month (including home line of course). I get 80GB per month and the speed is pretty damn good.

Normally, this plan would cost $150 but since I signed the contract with them while they had this as a "special" or "promotional" offer, I was able to get this plan at a cheaper rate for 12 months. I signed up around November last year so a year is almost up. Since $150/month is just way too expensive (in fact even $130/month is expensive for me right now), I'm planning on switching to a cheaper plan so that's why I'm looking for alternatives right now.

I've been with Telecom for a LONG time, probably almost 10 years I would say. I've used Go Large (even after they discontinued it but I stuck with the plan till they completely killed it) and also used Big Time. They were AWESOME but obviously those plans aren't available anymore. I later switched to Orcon for a little bit, then switched to Vodafone (the speed is really awesome since i'm on the Red Network, and because of that I get a cheaper price rate as well) and then later switched back to Telecom to using my current plan.

So as you can probably tell by now, I'm looking for a plan that's relatively cheap, and also gives me a lot of data cap, preferably unlimited. I'm looking for plans similar to Big Time, where it's around $60/month and unlimited data usage. The speed doesn't have to be great, I don't game or anything and I only download so I don't mind if it's not like 900Kb/s on average or anything, but I would prefer it if possible.

I've done some research already and there are suggestions like WorldNet, MegaTell, Slingshot etc etc.......I was wondering if there're any other ones?