On an earlier post our first release on webpage download speeds was discussed, we have now updated the information with September data.  Unfortunately we still do not have enough Maxnet probes as per last month's discussion and although we did not have sufficient TelstraClear DSL probes in September, we do for October :-)

Surprising changes have occurred in the month with some ISPs, here is the release:
Updating August Webpage download results TrueNet has observed significant changes in performance for some ISPs, both improving and worsening, although the order from best to worst remains roughly the same.
The chart compares August and September.  Some ISPs have big changes and these are explained below where any other observation can be made from the raw data.
ISPs with big changes include:
  • Orcon, who fixed a single probe that was extremely poorly performing
  • Slingshot had a period in the middle of the month with poor results, but by the end of the month they were back to the August average, but this chart shows the average for the whole month
  • Worldxchange - A significant improvement in performance mid-month that continued to the end of the month
  • Vodafone - A similar improvement mid month just like WorldXchange, but not for all probes
TelstraClear Cable remains the best performer, with Telecom close behind. TelstraClear DSL probe numbers are growing and we hope to report these next month subject to enough volunteers.

So far, fibre is showing as a poor predictor of performance for webpage downloads, we only have three probes but the performance of the three are all very different.  The range is similar to the range of performance by individual ISP.  Our probe from one of the larger ISPs (WorldXchange) has a similar performance to all other WorldXchange probes.