Hey, all...

Does anyone have issues with major bandwidth differences between internal NZ queries and connections to sites in the US and Australia? I'm using speedtest.net, and I've connected to the server in Auckland at a little over 1mbps (quite amazing, really... I'm pretty far from the AP, and I've only got a delta 7 signal), with about a 120 kb upload, right what I'd expect. Then I try connecting to servers in Australia and California, and I'm getting about 120kbps upload, and the same for download. So, it seems that downstream is a LOT slower, and upstream is pretty much unaffected. 

Am I crazy, or is this happening to everyone? I'm relying a lot on Skype for voice communications back to the US, and it's not really working at these bit rates because it seems to fluctuate pretty badly too.

Thanks a lot!