I've just bought a 32" Uniden LCD TV, with the main desire of plugging it to my computer. My graphics card has a DVI connection for the monitor. Not many of the LCDs had DVI, as they've all gone for HDMI. The salesman was vague on PC matters but said I can get a DVI to HDMI adapter, and that it would work through the HDMI input on the tv.
I got an HDMI cable and DVI/HDMI adapter, and thought it would be as simple as plugging it in. But I can't get an image.
My ATI card allows me to set up two monitors, but I'm not sure how, and if I have to get another graphics card to do it or not. I spent hours trying different settings and combinations.
But even just unplugging the monitor and pluggin in the LCD tv, I can't get a picture. I get the Windows start up screen fine, which is weird. Sometimes I get a very fuzzy desktop image, but if I use the mouse the PC locks up and I get a blue warning screen.
Also I don't want to damage the LCD tv by sending inapproriate signals to it.
I've spent hours searching google for answers, but so far, more mystery.

Any advice, anyone?