Hi There!

I have a most peculiar problem that is driving me nuts!

I have a HP SFF 6300 Pro i7 with 4GB and x64 W7.

I bought for myself 2 x ZR2740W Monitors and proceeded to plug them into the inbuilt HD4000 via the DP and VGA Connectors to find only one would power up. Realizing after some thought that wouldn't work I went and bought this: 


I have tried every combination I can think of, but can't get both monitors operating at 1440p!

It would seem 1 Single DVI Dual Link to the monitor is fine at 1440p, if I connect anything else, be it single link dvi (Which I know will only do 1080p), or HDMI to Dual Link DVI, I can't get above 720p. If I just connect HDMI > Dual Link DVI, it won't work above 720p either, even though that should be a supported configuration. I am using a 1.4a HDMI Cable, and the included adapter, and I even found another adapter and got the same result. 

Any bright ideas?

The issue I have is that I require low profile cards, otherwise I would have more connectivity issues. 

I can buy another card, but I see options for LP with 2 x Dual Link DVI or DP and Dual Link DVI are non existent ?