A couple of weeks ago i decided to buy a microsoft wireless gaming reciever for the xbox to be able to use all the wireless accessories on my pc, with that i also got a wireless headset for the xbox. I installed everything and it was all working fine. The headset was great for gaming over the net and for the normal voice recording but then a couple of days later i wanted a webcam. I bought the lifecam vx-1000 mainly going to be used for skype and msn. I installed everything and the webcam didnt work. At the time i thought it could have had something to do with the silly little pop ups i was getting which lead me to think i had a virus (which i did) so i reinstalled windows. After the fresh installation of windows i installed the mouse and keyboard drivers and then the webcam. The webcam worked so after every program i installed i checked to see if it was still working. In the end i got up to installing the wireless gaming reciever. I installed it and then the webcam stopped working.

I am one to game using my headset and then have a chat on skype to a couple of my contacts. At the moment i have to install the wireless gaming reciever's drivers everytime i go to play a game and then uninstall them after i have finished just so i can use my webcam.
What am i sposed to do about this? Its really annoying having to install something and then uninstall it again.
Please Help

Many Thanks