I don't know much about the technical information about computers, but I do know enough to be able to replace parts.
So here goes.
My computer (this computer) started turning off and freezing, then one day it would not turn on at all. If left alone it would run for about 20 seconds then freeze again. If you tried to start it it would jam on drive initiation, wouldn't even get as far as POST.
So I emailed a dude who said it could be any number of things, the signs pointed to over heating of something. So I cleaned the dust out and brought new ram and a better CPU. Sadly it didn't work, issue remained. So I removed the video card (the cooling system was full of dust) and went to integrated video.. it started up and was running fine. Here is the issue.
I brought from trademe after checking my specs and finding out my comp used PCIEx16 this ATI Radeon X300SE HM 256MB. It got here wrapped only in bubble wrap and I checked to see if it need new power feeds. I couldn't see any plugs for it and the websites didn't say so. so I slotted it in... it ran right up to the welcome screen and froze, when I restarted my computer it was the same issue as before. I talked to the person I bought from and he said that my PCIE slot may have developed a fault, but sent me a Nvidia Geforce 6800XT PCI-E 128MB DDR3 128-Bit GPU.
It arrived once more only bubble wrapped, and didn't even get as far as loading up, once more it was drive initiation failure. So my problem is this is it my PCIE slot? How can I find out and what can I do to fix it? lets face it, I want a video card rather than integrated.