Anyone in the Whangaparaoa area able to do me a big favor, and test my ATI video card in their system ?  :)

System became very unstable last weekend, figured a refresh wouldnt hurt anyway (in prep for Win 10), so reinstalled Windows etc, and system continued to BSOD. Narrowed it down to potential video card fault - threw in an older ATI card and it ran fine. 

Upgraded to Windows 10, and today figured Id give the video card another shot - same issue, BSOD's Windows. 

The error I get is "Thread stuck in device driver" - quick Google shows a lot of people with this issue over past couple of years, some found its a driver fault, others found its hardware. Ive updated all drivers possible (on 7 and 10) and no change, so just want to check the card in another system to ensure its not a weird motherboard issue causing the fault before I return the card under warranty.