Hey team,


So i've got a set of sennheiser PC373D headphones which are plugged in using the supplied soundcard dongle via USB. Sound quality is fantastic, really happy with them. But the max volume is really low, I crank the headset volume wheel to max, slide the PC volume to max and it should be hurting my ears but it's not even as loud as i'd like. If I don't crank things up to max I have trouble hearing people on voice coms etc. It's not a major problem as I can set it to 100% and hear people fine, game sounds are fine etc. But for music I tend to like it loud and I can't turn it up any louder which is a little frustrating. 


The onboard sound uses the realtek sound adapter and I wonder if this is somehow clashing with the sennheiser card even though I have nothing else plugged in unless you count the monitor with DP.


PC is running up to date Windows 10, have only had low volume issues since the windows 10 upgrades I think.


Thanks for any advice in advance