First of all check this thread here for my system, although its changed a lil bit, new hd3870x2 grahpics etc etc

Im having some problems!! Installed another 4 gig of DDR3 1600mhz ram into the system bringing it upto 8gb.. (vista 64bit). Runs fine in vista, except for a few exceptions!! if i load a saved game in crysis it will run fine. However if you start a new game, it will hang. Same thing in flight sim x, it will crash on load up.

Ive been through a few things but thought straight away it was a ram problem, as its just really started to happen. Ive removed ram a peice at a time etc and basically it will run fine with 2x2gb but not with 4x2gb, thought it might be the heat but no. What im certain now after hours of mucking around is the damn voltage! (something i didnt even think of checking until a few hours ago!)

My ga-x38t-dq6 supports 8gb of ddr1600mhz at 1.5v... problem is i have 8gb ddr3 1600mhz at 1.9v...  i can overclock the ram and voltage in the bios but dont really know what im doing.. I have ddr referance voltage and ddr3 overvoltage control (amont copious other settings).. overvoltage control will let me add another .40 volts.. to the motherboard i would assume? or is this going to add more volts to the ram itself? which would be a disaster considering how much this stuff has costed! ddr reference has only got a +10% option. ive read manuals that dont help and googled but got no where.. so here i am turning to you guys.

Any ideas on what to do? ive even looked for another motherboard that would support DDR3 1.9v ram but cant find one (not a gigabyte one at least).. replacing the ram is also an option i guess, but would rather sell the mboard (resale value would be higher than selling the ram).. but all this is last resort stuff!! id love to get it functioning as it!!

Any help much appreciated!