Any one moved stuff from a machine to a nas?

I want nas for downloaded isos storage, backups of vms, media etc. so varying kevels of protection. I currently use drivebender and most folders are duplicated. I currently have 2x4tb drives, 2x3tb drives and I think a 2 in use.

I think I 4 bay is ok, 5+ bays tend to get too expensive, and I think I'll keep my machine with 32gb ram for running the vms, so I wont use it for runtime (I'd never be able to get one with enough ram).

My main concern is replicating the cloud backup to CrashPlan that I currently have, this backs up locally (for id10t errors) and to their cloud for offsite storage.

I like the idea of the qnap ones as they seem to havevdicier support, what che might be if use, and I currently use that on Linux vms. My other main software is Plex. But I’d be happy for this to stay on the machine and access media via lan.