Hey everyone - I know this is a long shot but I'm currently trying to restore my old Compaq Presario SR1600AN but I've lost the recovery disks years ago and can't create new ones on the computer (hard drive was blanked), just wondering if anyone had or could create recovery disks for this model and could upload the ISO to me? Or even be able to point me in the right direction online (I've done a lot of digging but can't find the right ones)?




Any help would be very very much appreciated!




If it helps - this is what it looks like:


 COMPAQ Desktop PC Presario SR1620NX (EG733A) Sempron 3400+ 512MB DDR 160GB  HDD Windows XP Home - Newegg.com




(ps yes I know I can just reinstall Windows XP and call it a day but I want it to be back to the way it was originally)