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#304302 22-Apr-2023 10:55
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Hey Guys




I was wanting a big of help with where to put some money to upgrade my computer.


I dont want to shoot myself in the foot buying something that isnt suitable.


Easier for my to paste what ive got at the moment.




Its unlikly i can afford to upgrade everything at the same time. Im also not against getting second hand if its value for money (ie $550 2nd hand vs $600 new is not worth the no warranty)


By coiceidence - I have a camera server that has exactly the same make/model/brand of GPU that this computer has, the Camera software runs the AI on the GPU, but its way underutilized in that machine. It might be an option to get a cheap 2nd hand GPU for that machine and run both of the 1060's in this one. (if thats possible)




The reason im wanting to upgrade is I'm trying to run Pubg with a Resolution of 3440 x 1440.


I dont need high graphics, but currently on Low there is stuttering fairly often, enough to effect gameplay rather negativly.




I think i need a CPU, Mobo and Ram, but the No. of Cores, Core speeds,  Ram speed and amount etc seem to vary a lot and jump in price. - I also dont want to buy somethign new thats underpower, or find out i should have put the money into a GPU.









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  #3066887 22-Apr-2023 11:55
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GPU is a painful place to spend right now. You need to provide a budget before we can even start helping you.

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Master Geek

  #3066892 22-Apr-2023 12:38
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I need something that is going to run Pubg, that will set the budget, i dont need over speced. - But also if i need something that is expensive to run it, then an upgrade just wont be possible at this stage.
I'd rather the list of what i need and i can work on that - ie, get mobo/cpu combo now then the GPU later.

  #3066893 22-Apr-2023 12:43
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you only need a GPU everything else will be fine for PUBG, higher resolution will be more GPU bound and if your not trying for huge FPS it will suffice.


what FPS are you looing for as that will greatly diticate what GPU you need.


But again a budget will help, as it can determine if a new card (lower series eg 60/70) vs a second hand (higher series, eg 70/80/90) one would work.

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  #3066895 22-Apr-2023 12:47
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If you're going to do this in stages, I'd start by by deciding on what level of GPU you need to run PubB, then adjust your budget to match that. I'm sure forums and YouTube will have a dizzying amount of info on this. Don't forget to also factor in what you could get by selling off your current GPU.


Also, can you really tell the difference between 1440 and 4k, especially in a frantic type of game such as PubB? I can't on a 4k monitor here. Being able to play at a decent frame rate at 4k requires some serious horsepower... 😁

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  #3066897 22-Apr-2023 13:08
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1060/70 should do 1080p at 144hz at high settings


your probably looking at a RTX3060 12GB card which retails for about $600 that should do 144HZ at 3440x1440.


You will likely need a new PSU through as these cards are power hungry.

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  #3066909 22-Apr-2023 13:37
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What you currently have is an office spec cpu from 5 years ago and a mid range gpu also 5 years old. Asking that to push wqhd resolution is not going to work.

If your looking 2nd hand. Ryzen 57xx + b450 are coming up regularly at competitive prices. GPU you will need amd 6800 or 3070 to push that resolution at decent quality.

Perhaps sell the old rig and put funds towards new

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Ultimate Geek

  #3066924 22-Apr-2023 14:28
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Id suggest for cpu and ram,


Ryzen 5600 a B550 Motherboard to suit. Your current Ram will work but you would be better off putting in a good 16GB kit of DDR 3600


Graphics will need an upgrade the 6750XT is going for a great price at the moment. Or if you want latest and greatest you will need to spend. either the 4070 or the 7900.











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Master Geek

  #3067006 22-Apr-2023 15:48
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If i was on a tight budget and really really wanted to do what you are asking. 


I would keep your current cpu, motherboard, ram. 


Put the money into GPU instead, 4k is heavier on GPU instead of CPU at that resolution. 


You are looking suggest at min 6600xt or 3060


Approx benchmarks of what you might get if you keep current CPU. 


Assuming benchmarks are correct. 


If you have money left over i would then double ram from 16gb to 32gb. 


Also no clue what PSU you have, you may need to upgrade.


6600xt recommend is 450 watt


3060 and 6700xt is recommended 550 watt. 


Currently the 6700 xt is on sale for $599 at PB tech,


If i was buying a GPU today it would be that. 


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Master Geek

  #3067210 23-Apr-2023 09:00
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Thanks for the help.




I looked up the 3060 and the 6700, they look to be very similar specs and prices.


Most of the 3060's on Trademe seem to be the 8g version.


However there doesn't seem to be much of price increase between 3060 and 3070 on for the 2nd hand ones on trademe. Would a 2nd hand 3070 be better value? They appear to be a better product (even with the ram difference of 12gb vs 8gb)


There does appear to be some used for mining as well, and also being aware they can say it wasnt but it has. Still a safe option?




As Quazzy has mentioned, I cant remember what size PSU i have, from memory it would handle the 3060, but if the 2nd hand 3070 is a better option then ill likely have to get a new PSU - provided its the 2nd hand 3070 then the budget could handle that.


Would a 2nd hand 3070 be best option? and PSU if required.


This could leave me to upgrade the CPU/MOBO/RAM in the future.




Edit: I just checked, and this is what it currently has: Cooler Master MWE 550W Bronze certified power supply





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  #3067264 23-Apr-2023 09:55
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A 1060 should be able to run pubg atg 3440x440 on low.  I did for a while - not at super high refresh rate, but very playable.  I had a 6gb card though, I think some of the 1060s had less vram.  If you are getting stutters it could be the CPU power.  Even my 3700x and 3070 will stutter a bit a the very start of games if there is a lot happening in the locality.   


Interestingly some of the competitive players seem to run things on low to minimise clutter on the screen and also dial down the resolution.

  #3067282 23-Apr-2023 11:14
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that PSU would be pushing it with anything greater than a 3060, especially if you were to upgrade the CPU/Mobo etc


I would honestly just start with the GPU upgrade and see how it goes, if its still not good enough then upgrade the CPU etc


as for cards that have been mined on i dont think it makes too much difference, as long as they have been cared for. 

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Master Geek

  #3067330 23-Apr-2023 11:39
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I am always a bit careful with 2nd hand cards, unless you are getting 50%+ off i am like is it worth the risk with no warranty?


Also careful when looking at the 3060 cards Nvidia did its dirty with naming again, there arew 3 main types. 


There is a RXT 3060 8GB and a RXT 3060 12GB and a RXT 3060 8 GB TI


They are totally different cards with totally different performance. 


Memory bus is 128 bit vs 192bit vs 256 bit


bandwith speed 240 GB/s vs 360 GBS vs 448 GB/s


Careful about not getting confused with the 3060 TI 8GB as well, which is very close to the 3070 in performance. 


The 3060 is nothing like the 6700 / 6700 xt and 6750 xt are more towards the RXT 3070 


Here is a Tom's Hardware graph for how cards match up on average at 1080P Ultra


*note the 3060 8GB is not listed 


**note differences occur at 4K resolution,4388.html 





again i would recommend the currently the 6700 xt is on sale for $599 at PB tech however if you can pick something up 2nd hand really cheap, that could be worth.


The 6700 xt has 12gb of ram vs the 3070 8gb. 


3070 has DLSS but i dont think PUBG has DLSS. 


Guess it depends if games get larger textures or lean hard into DLSS or FSR technology in future.


Mind you i still game at 1080p and went from a 960 2gb to a 6600xt 8gb, so i am biased for more RAM as i lived with the 960 for so long (aka dont upgrade a lot) 

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