Okay, today I reinstalled my OS because my pc was running at a snail's pace and i couldn't be bothered cleaning it out, i don't really use it for much except going on the internet and listening to music.

And thats where my problem comes in. Down in the bottom right the Volume icon has a red X like it's muted and when you mouse over it it says "No Audio Output Device is installed." I've tried reinstalling drivers, but that didin't really result in anything other then registry edits to get unsigned drivers to work. But they still didn't work.

So, help please? Anything would be appreciated.

I'm getting ready to just buy a seperate sound card but i was wondering, do they support the 10 pin connections that connect the front mic and headphone jacks to a seperate sound card? Just wondering.

Again, thanks for any help.

If it helps its a Acer Aspire T300, bought in the UK it seems ...