Need a very simple system (its for people who have very limited tech knowledge) to back up a small amount of important data.

The amount of data at the moment is <2GB and will probably never get over I am thinking that a USB flash drive of say 8GB would be perfect.

It will need to be encrypted so that if the flash drive gets lost the info on it will be useless to anyone.

Looked at using TrueCrypt + Synctoy but TrueCrypt needs drives/folders to be mounted to be able to do the backup.  Not really going to work as its too technical for those that have to use it.

Need something really simple that does the following:

1. plug in USB flash drive
2. user runs a program (say from a desktop shortcut) that copies data and encrypts it to USB flash drive.
3. there is no 3 (I want it to be simple)

Anyone got any suggestions?