Hey guys,

I have an Asus P5N-SLI mobo which will not display any image! It doesn't have onboard video so I thought it could be the video card but I have tried a 9800GTX+ and a 8800GT which are both confirmed working in another system..

The motherboard goes through POST (it beeps once happily) and I can hear the HDD loading up Windows (I imagine, it's definately doing something!) It's just strange because I imagine if the motherboard was faulty it would have something to do with the PCI-E slots, and give the 'No VGA' POST beeps (1 long, 3 short).. but it's booting up happily..

I got the machine off a friend, and apparently it just started doing this one day without any change in hardware.. it's almost like when you set a mobo to use onboard video, and plug the screen into the discrete card.. but this doesn't have onboard :\

Any suggestions? =]