hey guys, I have a desktop PC running Windows 7 home premium 64bit.
My macbook Air is running Lion OSX. (bought april)

what i want to try and do :

share my ethernet internet connection to my desktop, wirelessly with my mac book air. My desktop is connected on a standard internet ethernet port (for uni) and it has a ralink wireless card in it (i have wireless at home) is there anyway to direct the internet from my ethernet , into the wireless card, and AD HOC it with my macbook air?
i tried this, my mac connects, but cannot access the internet. Yes, i did turn on sharing under adaptor properties for my ethernet.

My other idea, would be to scrap the whole internet sharing thing, and AD HOC network to my macbook air on my desktop, and remote control my macbook. thus allowing me to use it, on my desktop. is there software available to allow me to do this? i keep running into software Mac -> Mac remote connection. Im after windows->Mac

appreciate any help here, thanks very much !!

from Leslie