I read around the web people complaining about their new Nokia Lumia 920 battery life. I have no complains about it. Actually my one was last charged around 14 hours ago and with light use (a little Bluetooth, Wifi updates) it is at 50% now.

Here is what I've done to manage it:

Email accounts:
  • Push email: I have it off all the time. I use Office 365 and could have push email active but because I receive a high number of emails every day I rather not have the phone constantly updating the Inbox. I manually update these.
  • Hotmail update: change the default to daily if you use the Windows Live account only for managing the device, or for something suitable to the volume you receive. There's no manual option here.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi off: if you are not connected to a Bluetooth or WiFi access point, having these on is just a waste of battery.
  • WiFi search: uncheck [Notify me when new networks are found], [Automatically connect to WiFi hotspots] and [Send information about WiFi connections to help discover nearby WiFi].
  • Turn WiFi and Bluetooth on/off quickly: download an app such as Shortcut Tiles and use it to pin a tile to the home screen that allows you to quickly toggle WiFi, Bluetooth and other settings.
  • Lock screen timeout: I have mine set to one minute.
  • Lock screen background: I use a static photo. Do not use the Bing, CNN, Facebook services as that might initiate data traffic.
  • Tap+send: I don't use NFC so this is off. You can obviously create lots of automated tasks with NFC but unless you have tags and actively use them, turn this off.
  • Location: if you don't use maps, turn this off. If you do, leave it. Mine is on.
  • Backup: I have [app list+settings] on, the rest off. I don't mind if I lose my text messages and my photos are manually copied if I want them - uploading every photo taken to SkyDrive is a sure way to use the battery and mobile data.
  • Brightness: I set to medium, no automatic brightness.
  • Find my phone: I leave this set. You could save a bit more battery by turning this off but can't manage the phone remotely.
  • Background tasks: I turned all off.
  • Music+Videos: unless you use Xbox Music, turn [Connect with Xbox Music] and [Xbox Music cloud collectiion]
  • Photos+Camera: [SkyDrive auto upload] off
  • Internet Explorer: turn [Use SmartScreen filter] and [Send a Do Not Track request to websites] off.
  • A large number of apps have automatic updates implemented. Turn these off. For example the Currency app by xe.net updates currency exchange values every 10 minutes by default. If you have weather apps that shows current weather for your location in a tile you might want to replace this with just looking outside the window.
Phone settings (proceed with caution here):
  • Switch radio to best service in your area. Every phone has a Maintenance menu. If you are using a mobile operator that offers 100% 3G service (Telecom NZ for example), having the radio searching for 2G service is a waste of battery. You can open the Maintenance menu and set the radio to use WCDMA only.
  • Caution is needed here. If you go overseas not all operators are 100% 3G and if you don't turn this back to default you may not roam in all areas. If you try to use the phone in an operator with older 2G and newer 3G mix (Vodafone and 2degrees for example) then you will have limited coverage in some areas. If you need to place an emergency call while outside your operator area and only 2G is available then you won't be able to do it. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.
Any suggestions from you folks?