With Nokia's new range of phones (N-series, E-series and S60 compatible models) have Mail for Exchange applet which allow the user to synchronise their calendar, contacts and emails with Exchanger server.

Now my question with this synchronisation tool is, how well is Mail for Exchange working with Nokia's phonebook/contact manager? With Nokia's previous desktop PC Suite-Outlook synchronisation tool/conduit, it is working quite poorly with its phonebook fields mapping to Outlook's contact fields.

So does anyone know what fields is being mapped between Nokia's phonebook and Mail for Exchange/Exchange ActiveSync contact synchronisation.

I'd like to try see if anyone had tried Nokia's Mail for Exchange working with Exchange server 2003? And if so, would you be able to verify the fields mapping. Even better, if anyone have any E-series or N-series spare for me to try, I can try it on/with my Exchange server to see how well it can work.

Reason is, if this works, I can then look at getting Nokia phones once again, for Exchange ActiveSync PIM.