I just had my phone back from tellogistics and despite some issues I have with them sending it back to the retailer rather than to me (especially when I walked in to their Mt Wellington offices and submitted it there for repairs) I have just started using it again.  The issues I was having are in this link: http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?ForumId=6&TopicId=12010&page_no=1#61728

The current versions are:
ROM version: 2.11.20 WWE
ROM Date: 04/04/06
Radio Version: 1.30.00 (this is higher than it was going in so hopefully solves one of the faults I had)
Protocol verison: SNAZ-40306
ExtRom cersion: 2.11.707 EEW
Hardware version: 0041
PRL version: 04007
PRI version: 1.10_005
Browser version: MSIE 4.01