Hi there

I've got an imate JAMin (which I hate, but that's another story) running Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC. I typically use the on-screen keyboard to enter text.

Quite often, especially when going to press the keyboard's space bar, I'll accidentally 'bump' the little arrow that is next to the keyboard icon in the middle bottom of the screen. This causes the entire system to slow down for about 5 seconds and then the menu listing the various input options (Transcriber, keyboard, etc) appears. I also often accidentally end up tapping one of these other options, which means I have to go through the whole thing again to make the keyboard come back.

This seems to be due to the way Microsoft redesigned the location of the SIP menu in Windows Mobile 5 - in previous versions, it was on the right side of the screen and was much harder to accidentally press. As you can imagine. having this happen while I'm trying to send a quick text message is very annoying.

I've spent heaps of time tryng to work out a way to stop this happening - perhaps by hiding the arrow, or moving it, or something. I haven't been able to work anything out, so I just wondered if anyone else has the same issue - and if anyone's worked out a way to resolve it?

Thanks :)