I have used Pocket Informant in the past and it has been suggested to me that 3rd party PIM's add lots of overhead to Windows Mobile device.

I am using Windows Mobile 5, AKU 3.3 (device is HTC P4000).

At startup, I have approx 19.98 MB in program memory (I also am using Voice Command 1.6).

I like Pocket Informant, have trial version loaded.

I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of running Pocket Informant vs already present Pocket Outlook.

I am a fairly heavy user of Outlook on the laptop and want something that closely mirrors Outlook on Pocket PC.

Pocket Informant certainly does that, it fixes the issue on Tasks filtering and it looks like you can drag and drop between calendar and tasks.

I also usually run a couple of applications constantly : Retroactive (journal entry and sync program), Pocket Informant and phone.

I sometimes also have Newsgator Go open and Windows Media playing music via A2DP.

The questions I am looking for assistance on are the following:

Does PIM's like Pocket Informant drag down processor performance?

Does PIM's like Pocket Informant drag down device performance?

Is there a downside of using a 3rd party PIM from a performance perspective?

I think some of the issue of Program memory @ 19.98MB is MS Voice Command (trying to get Cyberon app to work with Bluetooth)

Any suggestion/recommendations would be appreciated.