I am totally dejected with Vodafones support for my much loved Jasjam.  I use many parts of my jasjam to its capacity,  Mobile Word, xcel, even one-note comes in handy at times.  I use vodafonemail so I get txt messages to my phone telling me I have mail.  But I have never been able to get html web browsing and my pop mail going sucessfully.  I even went into a Vodafone place in the mall and all they could say was, we no longer sell the jasjam and I can't get it going...sorry. 

I'm looking for some smart techie type out there to take all the hassles away from me...to reduce my stress and connect it all up for me....am willing to pay for your trouble and will trust you implicitily.  Any takers please contact me here. 

Next Question, whats my next move...I'm thinking Vodafone has just about done it's dash with me after having two smartphones with them and heaps of problems to boot.  Is there a smart device that telecom pushes that will handle all those microsoft apps above...well..?

Any help greatly appreciated.