Hi All

Does anybody have a definitive, step-by-step guide to installing one of the cooked / hacked ROMs onto the Okta Touch which enables GPS, RevA and Windows Mobile 6.1? I know other threads in this forum have linked to other forums which discuss this topic, but trying to follow those posts just sends you to another link and another link and you end up going round and round in circles.

I *really* want to get this done -- I have emailed Telecom and have had a very definite response from them stating that Telecom will definitely not be releasing an official upgrade, so I'm willing to risk my warranty and technical support on a hacked solution if it means I can release the potential in my device and have GPS and RevA working. The problem, though, is that while the instructions are out there they are so disjointed and all-over-the-place that they are impossible to follow.

Does anybody have a straight-up no-problems guide that they can supply to doing this or if somebody has done it themselves and can recall all the steps they took would they consider putting together a guide?

Thank you in advance!