Fizz Traveller 3.05 for Smartphone (Windows Mobile 6 Standard) incorporates only the pre-Sep-2007 Time Zone transition dates re New Zealand. (The dates for NZ were announced 30 Apr 2007).

It is possible to manually edit Fizz Traveller 3.05's dstinfo.dat file as a workaround.

Fizz Traveller 3.05 does not include actual time info. (eg 2/3am) in dstinfo.dat, only dates, which is not a trivial deficiency in a piece of business software. After all 2am in NZ is around 2pm in the UK so even on a Sat/Sun these times are relevant to events/phone calls.

BenQ provide Fizz Traveller 2.4BQ (21) embedded (ROM) on the recently-released GSM quadband BenQ E72. This also has incorrect NZ Daylight Saving dates. Unfortunately it seems impossible to fix this manually. A workaround is to upgrade to 3.05, but this does not replace 2.4 rather it gets installed in addition to 2.4 so it then requires a tiresome procedure to tidy-up shortcuts/links etc including in the homescreen.