Elecont Software has released phone dialer product for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone.

Elecont Dialer is fast and easy way to make calls directly from Home/Today screen. All of your favourite contacts can be easily accessed in one touch.

Elecont Dialer allows users to organize phone contacts directly on Home/Today screen.
Any contacts can be easily accessed by touching it with finger or stylus or selecting it by joystick.
Each contact can be displayed as photo from contact book, custom image, text or predefined icon.
Contacts can be displayed in touch-controlled sliding panel with animated and sound effects.
Plugin is protected against accidental phone calls.
Like another Elecont products like Weather and Launcher Elecont dialer has very small resource usage.

Learn more at http://www.elecont.com/dialer-for-pocket-pc.aspx

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