I can't remember the specifics of whatever upgrade ROM I'm running, but it's the 6.1 from someone like Sprint. 

I was in a zero coverage area for several hours, and noticed the freshly charged battery was almost flat.  The device ended up turning itself off it was so flat.

Now after charging, it is sloooow to boot.  Takes over 2 mins, with that green Windows Mobile 6.1 screen staying up the longest.

Buttons don't seem to work, or are very very slow to respond.  Only thing "normal" is the screensaver (blank) seems ok, and the end key sometimes brings up the quick list, although I cant select anything.

It's like the touch part of the screen just doesn't "feel" contact. 

It hasn't been dropped, or swimming, or over heated in the sun - nothing like that.  It doesn't make any sense.

Is there some known glitch I've missed?  I'm reluctant to do a hard reset...