I have a Jasjam with WM6 which works pretty good with new Telecom XT Network as a wireless modem. It was a pleasant surprise to see Jasjam to work on Xt NetworkLaughing

I was planning to get a USB wireless modem stick from Telecom or from Vodafone depending on speeds and availability of the good coverage in areas I travel.
I do spend a lot of time in bush as I live in my van so it is probably good to have prepay Interent data from both Vodafone and Telecom to get better coverage. I have enternal antenna to improve the coverage as Jasjam is not as sensitive phone as my old old Nokia.

Now as my Jasjam works as a modem I probably am not going to get USB wireless stick but I was wondering if they have any advantages over my Jasjam as a wireless modem?