I posted this on my blog, but since only 5 people read that....

Here's what i'm most wanting to do on my T|3 pda, but cannot. Maybe someone knows a way?

1. Native Openoffice support

2. Able to view native PDFs

3. Email with GPG sig and encryption support

4. Opera web browser

5. Background/multi tasking, so i can read a book or something while my web browser downloads stuff etc.

6. P2P - why wait to get home to find more music

7. Network connection awareness - if i'm connected via the home or office access point, get the entire email and a all attachments. If i'm connected over GPRS or CDMA, then only get the headers

8. tar.gzip and tar.bzip file extraction (maybe rar too)

9. Location awareness - the PDA senses i've just arrived home, or to the office, and begins syncing or download emails / RSS feeds and any other network task that was delayed. This might be sensed by bluetooth/wifi, or GPS (or a combo)

10. Better phone communication/management - maybe we need some standardised phone syncing protocol. I want to browse my phone over bluetooth, from my PDA. Manage ringtones, sms, wallpaper. Synchonise call history and costs

11. LDAP lookup for contact info (and maybe other stuff)

okay, i can't count to 10.