Okay, so i love my Nokia N82, i love her to bits. She can have my babi.... no, well, you get it. She's been great.

I love symbian too it seems, it's been a pretty decent phone OS for me, and i like the apps available for it. Namely Garmin Mobile and the free open source maps combination.

Vodafone on the other hand has been wearing me down. Big time.

And it has come to my attention that my term with vodafone is going to be up on the 2nd of November. Now this leaves me in a quandry. I'm very keen on heading to a competitor thanks to their bonus swap over account credits ($300 for telecom now i hear)  but my N82 is apprently not quite up to the task.

As i understand it, my N82 does 2100MHz, but is not able to do the correct 850MHz side of things. So this leaves me in a fix.

Do i keep my beautiful N82 with all her slight imperfections and live with vodafone or 2 degrees and be happy, or side-grade(is that even a term?)/upgrade to a phone capable of XT love too?

So please oh mighty geekzone gurus, shed upon me the light of knowledge about phones that are awesome and will play house nicely with all of our networks.

I have a few requirements though, GPS would be fantastic, camera doesn't matter but would be nice and that's about it. I'm happy spending okay money if i have to but would prefer not to, the usual story.

Please everyone, help a fella out.