I have a Palm T3 on which I was running KeySuite (not a bad application, FWIW) and syncing with my work PC, Windows XP with Outlook 2003. Recently got a Powerbook for home use, and would like to keep my iCal in sync with my Outlook via the Palm.

Having hacked around a bit, I came to the conclusion that KeySuite was stopping me doing it as iSync was trying to sync with the core Palm databases and KeySuite invents its own. So, decided that the way forward was to do a hard reset of the Palm, back to basics, reinstall with "vanilla" Outlook conduits to the Palm and the iSync would probably sort itself out.

Hard reset was fine, downloaded Palm Desktop, found it doesn't include Outlook conduits so followed the advice somewhere here about outlookswitcher.exe. Installed and ran that, synced to no effect, installed Palm's Outlook conduit updater 1.01, same thing, installed 1.02, same result. The log file looks like this:

HotSync operation started 09/06/05 14:23:10
Outlook Calendar
OLERR:0C-000F (0x0)
- Not Synchronized

And, needless to say, nothing shows up in the Palm.

Any suggestions very, very welcome - this is driving me nuts!

Many thanks