Following on from the previous thread which is now locked, I ran into the same Handango error message that you guys obviously received... but I'm generally not comfortable being told I can't do something, so I found a work-around. offers an IP masking service whereby you buy a subscription (there was also a slower free version last time I checked), install an app, and your IP traffic is routed through their US servers. I originally signed up to test the service for a client who was interested, and have retained the subscription as it proves useful once in a while.

Having logged on to their system, as far as Handango's website is concerned you're connected to the net through a US-based ISP. This was the extend of their security check and I was then able to purchase Voice Command using a NZ credit card.

It was over a year ago that I did this, so I can't guarantee that everything still works that same way. All care, no responsibility, etc. but I do hope it proves useful.