I am looking to revive my 3850 to a better use..

stage 1. give it BT wings.
Dlink DCF-650bt: it said it support PocketPC 2000/2002 (WinCE 3.0), but no mention of Window Mobile 2003. And I am not sure whether it includes BT stack for PocketPC devices or not. Anyone know this? Please clarify for me.

If this does not support WM2003 on 3850. could someone please suggest what would be the best way to get my BT-wingless 3850 a pair of BT-wings?

Also, if this can be used with Laptop, then that's great too!

Stage 2. give it WiFi wings.

I have been trying to find a suitable WiFi CF card that I can also use on Laptop... if anyone know a good one/suitable one please advice too...