I purchased via Ebay the following items:

1) T-mobile HTC Dash 3G Swivel Holster Belt Clip case.

This cost me US$7.98 via Ebay. It arrived in three days! I chose this because it seemed to be quite strong and durable looking and the phone could easily be detached from the Holster if needed. I wanted something where I could see the screen at all times and it could easily be placed on my hip or quickly removed. It was everything I hoped for. Also, because it's so light, I need need to remove the phone from the holster as it lays flat on any surface slightly inclined towards me.

Here's the back. The clip can be turned 180 degrees according to ebay, but it's more like 270.

HTC Snap S523 Holster Back

HTC Snap S523 Holster Front

The clip is very strong and has a nice hook on the bottom to help prevent detachment from your person.

HTC Snap Holster Side view of Clip

 The phone easily detaches from the holster and yet will not come out accidentally. However, just in case it did, I bought...

2) Silicone Soft Case Cover for HTC Dash 3G S521 S522 Snap

Likewise purchased via Ebay and it too arrived in record time. It fits well with the Snap, but what I quickly found out is that the case wasn't able to be used in combination with the Holster. After some experimentation I decided to cut the bottom corners out and the top part of the case where the holster clip fits over the Snap phone, to keep it fixed in place. I was rather pleased with the result. I now feel a lot more comfortable about it surviving, should I drop it.

I didn't take a before picture (pre-cutting) unfortunately.

Here's the cover with the phone.

And the final result. Snug as a Bug in the holster...

HTC Snap with Silicone Case in Holster

I like the Holster very much. So much so, I've ordered a spare as we speak and also a couple spare Silicone cases to go with it. All I need apart from that are some screen protectors, which will be arriving shortly.

I've made a few posts now about the HTC Snap S532 3G phone and I'd like to post some more in future with my thoughts about what I like about it and what I don't.

Would you like me to make more posts? Please comment.