I just read this article at Windows for Devices: Feature-Phone on WinCE.

I left wondering, what is a feature phone?

however it got me wonder another application that could stern from WinCE... like what is WinCE is used on DECT phone, and intergrate into your PC, and you can use your WinCE-DECT phone for controlling your PC -- for streaming audio or video etc... and you have an Exchange-lite sort of application for central call-logging, contacts, SMS, emai, messaging between handset etc??

won't that be a cool idea?

p/s: I know microsoft did launch a cordless phone network back few years ago and was a lukewarm result... but if Microsoft could utilise its WinCE platform to create a domesticated WM5 Smartphone for home, locking down the ability to install program etc... won't that be neat?