Hi just got one of these lovely new HTC snaps.  Great little phone but the main reason i got it is to be able to VPN into our work servers and RDP through the windows rdp, which you can't do on an Iphone.

Anyway, I can setup the VPN but have no way of connecting or knowing when the VPN is connected.

After i had setup the vpn i tried connecting through the RDP and it comes up with an error saying:

1. remote computer is not set up for this
2. reached the maximum number of connections
3. a network error occurred while connecting

The first 2 errors are not true, and not sure what network errors could be occuring.

I'm not sure if the info i put into the VPN settings are correct with connecting from: internet? telecom data, not sure which one to choose.

I have a dataplan but not sure if i need to be connected via wi fi to be able to vpn.

Not sure whether the VPN auto connects when using remote desktop.

Any ideas, is anyone currently using the vpn option on the Snap.