My partner's Okta Touch has stopped working properly. I recently plugged it into her work computer, running windows 7 and the windows mobile device centre fired up. I configured the phone to sync with google apps and that appeared to work. However since then the phone has been, to use the technical term, wonky. I don't know if it actually co0incided with the plugging into the work computer, or if it is a co-incidence. It had previously been happy plugged into an XP machine at our old work, but of course that runs activesync, not WMDC.

It keeps losing time sync, ie the time stays at some arbitrary time and doesn't move on. Taking the battery out and rebooting seems to fix that for a while.

Texts still seem to come and go fine.

When you rng the phone and she picks it up, the phone stops ringing but does not answer, the caller gets continual ring tone as if it hasn't been picked up. When you try to ring out thephone is slent, nothing happens. She cannot even pick up the voice messages.

any ideas?