Any paying WP7 devs (all 5 of us) or XNA Creators Club members who haven't logged on today might not have noticed - with the launch of WP7, Microsoft has merged the two programs together.  Now, if you were a member of XNA or WP7 dev programs, you've also been enrolled in the corresponding other program too.  So Xbox devs can now start playing with WP7 and vice versa - without paying any extra (I pity those who were already paying for both programs!)

IMO, App Hub seems like a pretty decent portal to work with, and I'm quickly growing to like the XNA side that I hadn't played with before (playtesting indie Xbox games).

I was a bit wary before that the WP7 program might not deliver the value that was charged for it, but having seen the resources available and now with the merger, it's pretty darn cool.

Now they just need a better WP7 emulator (compass, GPS and multitouch emulation).