The "Treo 650 Black Tie Limited Edition" which I pre-ordered at PC Show 2006 in Singapore was collected at AAAs Com at Funan Digitalife Mall on Jun 20, 2006.

Only 2000 units of this commemorative edition was released in Asia to celebrate Palm's 10th anniversary.  It works only with the GSM network.

I owned a Treo 650 Silver model for almost 2 years and used it regularly to update the Thimbuktu Phlog site at:


It took me less than an hour to charge the battery, hotsync and get back all my previous Treo 650 stuff which I restored from my SD card.

The Black Tie is identical to the Treo 650 Silver in all respects except for the cosmetic changes; and the velvety feel of the rubberised material which gives a good grip.

The PalmOS software version is: Treo 650-1.20-ENA
Firmware: 01.71

A "Thank You" card from Ed Calligan, CEO of Palm Inc. was included in the box:

"With this special 10-Year Anniversary Black Tie Edition of the Treo 650 smartphone, we thank you for your interest and your support. More than 34 million Palm mobile-computing products have been sold since the Pilot was made available in March 1996. And we've only begun to deliver on our vision: that the future of personal computing is mobile computing. Please watch us as we begin our second decade of innovation".