I have a new Vaio running XP Pro that I am trying to connect to my Axim X51 (WM5) with ActiveSync 4.2.  My Vaio sees my Axim (the Axim is on my Vaio Network Connections list), but my Axim can't connect to the internet while connected to the Vaio via a usb cable.  I need this internet connection to work to synchronize the Axim with my exchange server.  I've read the help stuff on ActiveSync and microsoft, but can't fix the problem.  I've turned off the firewalls on the Vaio, checked to see that the ActiveSync is set for the internet, etc.  My system works fine on my desk top computer, so I know it isn't a hardware problem.  I can connect the Axim to the internet wirelessly on my home network.  I want to set up this Vaio connection so I can sync my Axim when I'm traveling.
I'm stumped and would appreciate any help.